Residential Buildings

D&B for Construction of Three (3) Number Temporary Bus Depots at Various Site

Completion Date: December 2022

Construction of 3 Temporary Bus Depots in different locations for the World Cup event to accommodate 6,688 drivers and 2,300 buses. The depots consist of the following buildings: 19 accommodation, 2 dining, 1 combined, 2 recreational, 2 Admin, 1 Operational Control Center, 2 bus maintenance workshops, 3 bus washing stations.

Mechanical Scopes

  • Cooling system of capacity 7,451 TR through total of 32 AHU, 6 FAHU, 12 PU & 2414 A/C wall mounted type.
  • Ventilation equipment: a total of 868 exhaust, fresh & smoke ventilation fans.
  • Firefighting sprinkler systems with 3 sets of fire pumps (500 GPM), along with clean agent systems.

Electrical Scopes

  • Infrastructure for 15 package substations, 6 indoor substations with a Total Load of 12 MW, 6 generators, 53 SMDBs, and 117 DBs.
  • Installed the CCTV system for 1260 cameras according to the MOI requirements.
  • Provided an external lighting system; high mast, light poles, and feeder pillars.
  • Installed all ELV systems; ACS, Fire Alarm, Public address for 3 Mosques, and BMS.
  • Handed over a revolutionary Fleet Management System that allows for the monitoring and control of all buses’ during the FIFA World Cup 2022.

44 Villas and Residential Compound

Client: Sheik Abdulrahman M. Al-Thani
Completion Date: September 2016

Construction of compound consisting of 44 Villa, club house, mosque, and guard room with total built up area of 13,094.4 m² and plot area of 14,830 m²

Mechanical Scopes

  • Split Ac units with a total of 484 indoor units.
  • For ventilation equipment: Exhaust fans with a total of 220 fans.
  • Water pump sets with total of 90 sets.

Electrical Scopes

  • Switchgear Package: 2 1600 kVA transformers; 2 LV panels, 2 SMB, 98 DB’s., 7 Feeder Pillar and 47 Service Cabinet.
  • TV Package 360 Socket, 132 Video / Audio Intercom,  24 Dome Camera, 1 Public Address System.
  • Fire Alarm System with 666 Detectors, 1 FACP.

Construction of Guards Residence in Al Wajba

Client: Private Engineering Office
Completion Date: March 2011

Mechanical Scopes

  • Cooling system with total number of 3 chillers , 5 primary pumps , 5 secondary pumps   16 AHU, 300 duct split unit .
  • For ventilation equipment: exhaust & fresh ventilation with a total number of 120 fans.
  • Firefighting sprinkler systems with1 set of fire pump (1250 GPM), FM200 system (48 rooms) , foam system ( 4 rooms).
  • Fuel Systems (4 plant rooms).

Officer's Building 1& 2 Barzan Camp

Client: Private Engineering Office
Completion Date: October 2016

The project is an accommodation premises, 2 buildings over built-up area 22,500 sqm, constructed inside the Emiri guard for the VIP officers. C1 building contains 300 master bedrooms and F1 building contains sports facilities such as swimming pool, gym, jacuzzi. That is in addition to a central kitchen & main dining hall for the officers.

Mechanical Scopes

  • F1 Building, is conditioned with 344 Tr cooling capacity through 11 Packaged units & 7 ducted split units in addition to 4 dehumidifier for serving the swimming pool.
  • C1 Building, is conditioned with 880tr cooling capacity through 4 chillers & one standby feeding 2 AHU`s, 9 FAHU`s and 314 FCU`s
  • Sprinklers Firefighting system connected to the central network inside the camp in addition to multiple FM200 rooms (5 rooms)

Electrical Scopes

  • Supply & install a various systems, including, Switchgear, BMS, ICT, CCTV, Access Control, Public Address, and Lighting Control.
  • Supply & Install Switchgear Package for 4 transformers 1600 KVA in addition to 4 no’s prime diesel generator of 1600 KW.
  • We installed, terminated, and tested the ICT System with 35 IDF racks and 2 MDF’s racks, providing 3560 data outlets for the various systems.
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